Why Brahmaputra Should not be Dammed?-A pictorial Essay

The river Brahmaputra travels 2880 km from its origin in the young Himalayan range through Tibet and India and finally merges with the sea in Bangladesh by opening its streams. More than 200 dams are being planned in Arunachal and Assam today. China has already started construction of three dams in it-One among them willContinue reading “Why Brahmaputra Should not be Dammed?-A pictorial Essay”


Democracy is applauded as one of the best types of government primarily because it allows freedom to rebel, freedom to speak out, raise voices against the government. But today it seems to have lost one of its founding pillars. Today, practising this right to speak out is neither encouraged nor accepted. India, which claims itselfContinue reading “‘GUILTY AS FRAMED’”