Living with the perennial floods: How Assam’s Mising tribe does it

Much of Assam’s flood management approach is focused on building embankments which are often argued to have facilitated a process of ‘contractor raj’. A fair amount of literature and evidence over the years has highlighted that embankments often do not serve many purposes as they are often breached, either due to higher intensity of floodsContinue reading “Living with the perennial floods: How Assam’s Mising tribe does it”


On first look, it feels as if nothing much has changed. The roads are still the same, half coarse, half muddy. The river is still the same. The water hyacinths are still there and are blooming to its glory. The bridge leading to my village is still broken. The school building still has no windows.Continue reading “THE VILLAGES ARE LONELY”

Internal Displacement Among Misings (Assam) need Immediate Attention

On the morning of 19th July, about 700 villagers of Laika and Dodhia villages of Dibru-Saikhowa National Park of Assam entered Tarani reserve forest, armed with bamboo, tarpaulin, axe and bags with the intent of settling there. Those who entered the Tarani Reserve were primarily of the Mising community who were displaced by perennial floodsContinue reading “Internal Displacement Among Misings (Assam) need Immediate Attention”

Floods in Dhemaji-A Photo Essay

There is a saying amongst us in Dhemaji. We say, ‘If you want to see floods, come here! if you have never come here then you’ve not seen floods at all..!!!”. Every word of the saying stands true in Dhemaji-perhaps the most flood affected district in India. It would not be an exaggeration to say, theContinue reading “Floods in Dhemaji-A Photo Essay”

Marriage is a strange thing….!!!!

Yes, you heard it right..!!!  It is strange. It is stranger when it is a cross cultural wedding…!!! It generates opinions, comments and advises from many; most of which sometimes might be unwanted. People, who were never bothered about you, suddenly, become your biggest ‘sympathizers’ and start advising you on why you should/should not takeContinue reading “Marriage is a strange thing….!!!!”

The Miris (Misings) according to John M’cosh

Foreword: Recently, a very good friend and a senior, sent me a digitized version of the Book. ‘TOPOGRAPHY OF ASSAM’ by John M’Cosh. The Book written as early as 1837, under the instruction of the then government talks extensively about the togography, society, demography and the culture of the then Assam. The book rightfully digitizedContinue reading “The Miris (Misings) according to John M’cosh”

Assam Floods- A capricious Saga of Predictability

A few years ago, on the occurrence of late flooding, one of my distant relative had opined, ‘this year, the flood is late, we are bored now….”. While both of us had a laugh about it, it made me wonder, was the statement just made in pure zest or is it just that they haveContinue reading “Assam Floods- A capricious Saga of Predictability”

Traces of Bodo-Immigrant clashes seen in the Panchayat Elections in Assam

In the recently concluded Panchayat elections in Jonai constituency in Assam, the allied force of Gana Shakti has come out as a force to be reckoned with, by being able to win a large number of seats. The Jonai constituency comes under the North Lakhimpur Lok Sabha Constituency. Incidentally, Jonai constituency has an ex-AGP convertedContinue reading “Traces of Bodo-Immigrant clashes seen in the Panchayat Elections in Assam”

The Misings Need a ‘Cultural Revolution’

It was a rainy afternoon in Silapathar.  A group of about 25-30 Mising young boys and girls had gathered in the Kristi Kendra, (Cultural Centre) in Silapathar. While it rained outside, they continued to dance and practice. An eminent singer and dancer of the Mising community carefully watched over their every move, guiding them whereverContinue reading “The Misings Need a ‘Cultural Revolution’”

An Ode to Silapathar-The town of Contrasts

Disclaimer: This is neither a travel blog nor a touristic piece desperately written to attract ‘domestic or foreign visitors’. In fact, seeing this in that light would not be justified. It is an article written by a child about the town where he has grown up, about his immense love for the place. I amContinue reading “An Ode to Silapathar-The town of Contrasts”