The Assam government recently decided to make Sanskrit compulsory up to Class VIII in all state run schools. The Assam Cabinet’s decision as expected has received sharp criticism from various student groups and political parties. The student groups have clearly highlighted that Sanskrit being introduced as an ‘optional subject’ would have been better. I believeContinue reading “SANSKRIT COMPULSORY, TRIBAL LANGUAGES-NOT EVEN OPTIONAL”

Is the Mising Language on its way to Extinction?

The Mising community of Assam yesterday celebrated its 28th Agom Longe’ (Language Day). It was on this day in 1985, that the Mising language was first recognized by the Assam government. The recognition came after a long struggle and ended with signing of a memorandum with the govt. of Assam that allowed Mising language toContinue reading “Is the Mising Language on its way to Extinction?”

The Misings Need a ‘Cultural Revolution’

It was a rainy afternoon in Silapathar.  A group of about 25-30 Mising young boys and girls had gathered in the Kristi Kendra, (Cultural Centre) in Silapathar. While it rained outside, they continued to dance and practice. An eminent singer and dancer of the Mising community carefully watched over their every move, guiding them whereverContinue reading “The Misings Need a ‘Cultural Revolution’”