Seeking land rights, man immolates self in Guwahati

On Monday Morning (24th of February), 2014, Pranab Bodo, a 45 year old farmer, living in one of the Hills surrounding the Guwahati City called his wife, informing her of his decision to die for the sake of the ongoing land rights struggle in Assam. The wife, shocked and devastated, pleaded him not to doContinue reading “Seeking land rights, man immolates self in Guwahati”

An Ode to a long lost friend

This blog might seem as something different from what I usually write about. But exceptions are always allowed. I was just browsing through my old notes today, and suddenly a rugged paper fell off from my old note book. I picked up the paper and it had a poem which was written by a friendContinue reading “An Ode to a long lost friend”