Seeking land rights, man immolates self in Guwahati

On Monday Morning (24th of February), 2014, Pranab Bodo, a 45 year old farmer, living in one of the Hills surrounding the Guwahati City called his wife, informing her of his decision to die for the sake of the ongoing land rights struggle in Assam. The wife, shocked and devastated, pleaded him not to doContinue reading “Seeking land rights, man immolates self in Guwahati”


Democracy is applauded as one of the best types of government primarily because it allows freedom to rebel, freedom to speak out, raise voices against the government. But today it seems to have lost one of its founding pillars. Today, practising this right to speak out is neither encouraged nor accepted. India, which claims itselfContinue reading “‘GUILTY AS FRAMED’”