Racism in times of coronavirus

On Sunday (March 22), around 9.30 pm, a Manipuri research scholar was spat on by a 40-year-old man and called ‘coronavirus’ in Delhi’s Vijaynagar area in North Campus. She, along with a friend, had stepped out of her paying guest accommodation to buy some groceries. In Mysuru, Karnataka, two young students from Nagaland were deniedContinue reading “Racism in times of coronavirus”

Is the Mising Language on its way to Extinction?

The Mising community of Assam yesterday celebrated its 28th Agom Longe’ (Language Day). It was on this day in 1985, that the Mising language was first recognized by the Assam government. The recognition came after a long struggle and ended with signing of a memorandum with the govt. of Assam that allowed Mising language toContinue reading “Is the Mising Language on its way to Extinction?”