A crisis of capital: Why migrant workers can’t be ‘managed’ with food and money

The media deprives migrant workers of agency while the Indian state uses them to ‘manage’ the middle class. The Covid-19 pandemic has put the spotlight on migrant workers. Perhaps never before in recent history have they received so much media coverage. The mainstream media, which has often ignored migrants as “invisible” workers, has seemingly turnedContinue reading “A crisis of capital: Why migrant workers can’t be ‘managed’ with food and money”

Listen, the Revolution blooms in Silence

What in your phone is making you laugh? It’s a meme: A thief entered my room last night. He was looking for money. I joined him in the search. Lovely one. An accurate, mischievous description of today. On the train, a person was calling out loudly: From tomorrow, all over India, everyone’s salary will beContinue reading “Listen, the Revolution blooms in Silence”


I work with South Asian Trade Unions. Interesting as it is, it throws up quite a number of challenges. Of many, Trade Unionists being involved in electoral politics, is one of the very important challenges. I personally do not mind Trade Unions or Unionist having a political ideology or for that matter even participating inContinue reading “TRADE UNIONS AND ELECTORAL POLITICS”

May Day-March Forward and Continue the struggle

With the consistent growth of Neo-liberal mode of development, attacks against workers is on the rise across the world. Workers are being jailed in countries like Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Turkey and many others for standing up for the rights of fellow comrades. In India, there has been a systematic attack on workers’ rights, done through codificationContinue reading “May Day-March Forward and Continue the struggle”

Poverty Porn and Development Communication

At the recently concluded Rusty Radiator Award given to the fundraising videos, which uses the worst kind of stereotypes, the Compassion International’s ‘The wait is over’ was a clear winner. The jury while giving the award highlighted that the video promotes deep-rooted perceptions of Western superiority over the South. It reinforces the white savior complex,Continue reading “Poverty Porn and Development Communication”


How is it that almost all the leaders of the organized trade union movement in India belong to privileged classes. Interestingly the same lot also belong to the ‘higher castes’ in India.Is it a mere coincidence? or is it by design? Many would say, that is just a coincidence. While those who consider themselves aContinue reading “THE QUESTION OF TRADE UNION LEADERSHIP IN INDIA”


In one of the many workshops I attended as a resource person, my colleague and friend, who was also there to speak to young trade unionists in Nepal, highlighted that “Those not a part of trade union movement yet are the future of the trade union movement” Of course, like expected it did lead toContinue reading “YOUNG WORKERS AND TRADE UNIONS”

Movie highlighting corporate attitude towards Pregnancy gets it wrong

  Working women across the world faces discrimination on the basis of their pregnancy in the corporate world. They are often asked to go on forced leave and many are sometimes made to quit too. A movie called ‘The Calling’ does well to highlight some issues related to pregnancy and corporate attitude towards it. TheContinue reading “Movie highlighting corporate attitude towards Pregnancy gets it wrong”


2nd September, 2015: Touted as one of the biggest strikes to ever occur in Indian History, over 150 Million workers, as part of 10 Central workers Unions in India are on strike today. The protesters are striking against the ongoing anti-worker policies being adopted by the current government. The current government starting off with statesContinue reading “INDIAN UNIONS ON STRIKE AGAINST ANTI WORKER POLICIES”