Surviving 16 Finns-A story of learning, togetherness and Laughter !!!

‘I have more balls than many of the men in my workplace’, she declares with utmost confidence. While another one asks question at every given opportunity, sometimes fun, sometimes not so much. 🙂 This bunch of participants have been a fun and exciting group. It is an interesting mix, from Dentists to Researchers, young leadersContinue reading “Surviving 16 Finns-A story of learning, togetherness and Laughter !!!”

Listen, the Revolution blooms in Silence

What in your phone is making you laugh? It’s a meme: A thief entered my room last night. He was looking for money. I joined him in the search. Lovely one. An accurate, mischievous description of today. On the train, a person was calling out loudly: From tomorrow, all over India, everyone’s salary will beContinue reading “Listen, the Revolution blooms in Silence”

Internal Displacement Among Misings (Assam) need Immediate Attention

On the morning of 19th July, about 700 villagers of Laika and Dodhia villages of Dibru-Saikhowa National Park of Assam entered Tarani reserve forest, armed with bamboo, tarpaulin, axe and bags with the intent of settling there. Those who entered the Tarani Reserve were primarily of the Mising community who were displaced by perennial floodsContinue reading “Internal Displacement Among Misings (Assam) need Immediate Attention”

Living with Floods-How to solve Assam’s Flood problem

Floods in Assam have almost become like an absolute reality. Every year, without fail, hundreds of villages are submerged, many lives (both human and animal) are lost. This year alone, about 14 lakh people have been affected; about half of whom are in relief camps, while about 80 people have lost their lives till yet.Continue reading “Living with Floods-How to solve Assam’s Flood problem”


About 3 months ago, I was not a runner and could not even run a kilometer without panting. From that to successfully completing my first half marathon and writing about it has been a journey. I was an occasional crossfitter, though. But it also stopped because the gym where I worked out, closed down. ButContinue reading “THINGS I LEARNED RUNNING MY FIRST MARATHON”


I work with South Asian Trade Unions. Interesting as it is, it throws up quite a number of challenges. Of many, Trade Unionists being involved in electoral politics, is one of the very important challenges. I personally do not mind Trade Unions or Unionist having a political ideology or for that matter even participating inContinue reading “TRADE UNIONS AND ELECTORAL POLITICS”

May Day-March Forward and Continue the struggle

With the consistent growth of Neo-liberal mode of development, attacks against workers is on the rise across the world. Workers are being jailed in countries like Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Turkey and many others for standing up for the rights of fellow comrades. In India, there has been a systematic attack on workers’ rights, done through codificationContinue reading “May Day-March Forward and Continue the struggle”

Dr. Ranoj Pegu’s decision to join BJP will not help the Mising Autonomy Movement

Recently, the Chief of Mising Autonomous Council Dr. Ranoj Pegu joined the BJP in Assam. Dr. Pegu has till yet been spearheading the campaign of the Mising Community for protection under the sixth schedule. His decision, to me not only highlights an ideological vaccum but also dare I say, an obsessive quest for personal politicalContinue reading “Dr. Ranoj Pegu’s decision to join BJP will not help the Mising Autonomy Movement”


The Assam government recently decided to make Sanskrit compulsory up to Class VIII in all state run schools. The Assam Cabinet’s decision as expected has received sharp criticism from various student groups and political parties. The student groups have clearly highlighted that Sanskrit being introduced as an ‘optional subject’ would have been better. I believeContinue reading “SANSKRIT COMPULSORY, TRIBAL LANGUAGES-NOT EVEN OPTIONAL”

Poverty Porn and Development Communication

At the recently concluded Rusty Radiator Award given to the fundraising videos, which uses the worst kind of stereotypes, the Compassion International’s ‘The wait is over’ was a clear winner. The jury while giving the award highlighted that the video promotes deep-rooted perceptions of Western superiority over the South. It reinforces the white savior complex,Continue reading “Poverty Porn and Development Communication”