“Least did I imagine that writing this would be so much fun. I am writing at a much contended moment, Because Trepanji and I have just returned after a successful meeting with the laborers of Dehradun and it would not be an inch of exaggeration to say that the meeting went off extremely well. After months of tireless mobilization efforts, we finally are in our process of registering a general workers union”

Those were the first few lines which I wrote during the mobilization for the Uttarakhand Nav Nirman Sangh. The union today carries on its struggle to secure the rights of the workers. The latest being the dharna; the press statement of which is being attached below. The statement has been jointly released from Uttarakhand Nav Nirman Mazdoor Sangh and the Inquilabi Mazdoor Sangh.

“Between 12 and 1 yesterday, 15 April 2012, the Uttarakhand police lathi charged more than 300 workers who have been sitting on a protest in Dehradun for the last ten days. 11 workers who have been on hunger strike (six from April 6th and five who joined them on April 9th) have been forcibly hospitalised in Doon Hospital, where they are resisting attempts to force-feed them. 326 workers have been arrested and detained in various jails in the city.

The workers have been on strike for more than three weeks now. They are employees of the Rockman and Satyam Auto plants in Haridwar, both major suppliers of Hero Motors. As in Manesar, Haryana last year, these workers are being paid extremely low wages for more than 12 hours of work a day; when they sought to form a union to demand respect for labour laws, the five leaders of the union were illegally sacked immediately and the others threatened with a similar fate. On March 19th the majority of permanent workers at Rockman came out on strike in protest at this illegal brutality, and on March 22nd they were joined by all the permanent workers at Satyam.

The main demands of the workers are:

That they be allowed to form a union as per law, which both companies are trying to suppress;

That the five workers who were illegally terminated be reinstated;

That all labour laws be complied with within the factory;

That their wages be made proportionate to the workload and that they should be paid overtime as required by law.

Workers waiting at Nakas for their daily work. Picture clicked by author.

In the first week of April, in an attempt to suppress their protest, the Uttarakhand government declared section 144 in force in Haridwar. On April 4th the workers sought to come to the capital, Dehradun, to take out a peaceful march. This too was thwarted by the police, whereupon the workers sat down on dharna at the Parade Ground in the city. On the 6th, six Rockman workers went on hunger strike, and they were joined by five Satyam workers on the 9th. They have been fasting ever since.

No response has come from the government. When a delegation tried to meet the Chief Minister, he told them that these workers are overpaid, that the strike and protest is a conspiracy, and that they would be taken care of. The meaning of those words was demonstrated in the lathi-charge yesterday.

Workers in other factories in Haridwar, including in Eveready ITC, VIP, and the public sector company Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd., have declared their support for the strike. A protest and delegation from other factories in Haridwar is planned tomorrow.

A further update on the ongoing struggle by Rockman and Satyam Auto workers in Uttarakhand:

As reported yesterday (15 April), 326 workers are in jail and 11 hunger striking workers are detained in hospital. As of yesterday evening, all 326 workers in jail have joined the hunger strike. The 11 hunger strikers already in hospital have resisted force feeding. They are weakening but still in good health.

It is understood that the SDM has directed their detention until April 20th, though the legal provisions under which this has been done are not clear. The government has also announced to TV channels that the Labour Commissioner will be asked to intervene. Protests are planned today and tomorrow in Dehradun.

For more details please contact:

Trepan Singh Chauhan, Uttarakhand Nav Nirman Mazdoor Sangh (09411143539),

Amit, Inquilabi Mazdoor Sangh (09568216305)”

NOTE: Those wanting to work with the union or wanting more details about it can contact Trepan Singh Chauhan at the above mentioned details or can write directly to me at

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