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Dhemaji district is one of the remotest districts of Assam located in the far flung corner of the North-eastern part of India, which perhaps very few have ever heard of in India. And if they have, it may be because of its perennial floods which keep the district out of contact with the rest of the world for almost 3-4 months every year without fail. These constant floods have been the reason behind the increasing backwardness and poverty in the region.

But the poverty and backwardness has not been able to stop the population to show interest in education and the students have time and again delivered good results. The literacy rate has always been more than the national average. And this year-they have created records by being the best district in Assam. Though they have not been able to achieve any of the top ten positions in the state in the recently declared class XII results, the students have achieved a skyrocketing pass percentage of 98.56% in Commerce, 90.80% in Arts and achieved the first position in terms of pass percentage. It has not been able to achieve the same success rate in Science stream but it is not too far behind in it too. It has achieved the pass percentage of 92.48% and achieved the second position in the state. In Dhemaji district, 8,047 students appeared for the arts final examination. A total of 7,307 got through the examination — with first division for 419, second division for 3,035, and third division for 3,853. Of the 348 commerce students from the district, 343 passed the examination. Among them are 86 first divisioners, 190 second divisioners and 67 third divisioners. A commendable feat….!!!

Now, – an obvious question arises. What makes this feat so commendable? There would be many reasons. More than half of the population live in river banks and are poor to attend colleges. And even if they are able to admit themselves in colleges, they can seldom make it to attend regular classes. The infrastructure for education is what can be least expected. There are very few colleges. It does not even have an engineering college. Most of the colleges are yet to be recognised by the state as govt run. Thus, the teachers least bother to come to the colleges, and even if they do, they never take full classes or are least prepared for their lectures. And out of the existing colleges, many have to be closed for months due to the incessant rains. The recent success shows that the people have been able to struggle against the floods and it is a testimony of the same.

The commendable feat achieved by the students has been able to spread an environment of jubilation across the district and the state.

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  1. June 10, 2011

    It is ‘commendable’ to see the figure but if u take a peep into the examination system in the schools and colleges of Dhemaji district you’ll surprise to see how the students incredibly resort to unfair means.Ask an student after examination slot,you’ll come clear on the ground realities.There are many ‘lucky centres’ in the district where people from as far as Punjab fly down to appear exam and cross the barrier called ‘exam’ in ease.:)

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