The air is heavy. Everyone is tensed and is wishing that his/her favorite candidate wins this time in the elections. After about more than 70 percent polling, the decider comes today with fates of candidates still hung till yet. Though the Congress seems the favorite to come back with Tarun gogoi setting his eyes on a third term, there are also other small parties like AUDF which are emerging as formidable players.

This time during the elections I had gone back home and clicked some pictures. I had seen the excitement in the people about the elections. Everyone was campaiging for their favorite candidates. In a few places, people had all turned emotional and had even stopped talking to otherwise relatives and friends because of party differences.
The above is a section of women who had stood the whole day in this polling booth to make sure everyone votes and also try and influence them to vote for their favorite candidates if possible. Only time will tell if they have succeeded.

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