An Ode to a long lost friend

munnThis blog might seem as something different from what I usually write about. But exceptions are always allowed. I was just browsing through my old notes today, and suddenly a rugged paper fell off from my old note book. I picked up the paper and it had a poem which was written by a friend for me. My note-book had become old and the page had fallen off. It was actually a collection of memoirs where people had written notes for me. It described what they felt for me, what they loved about me or what they disliked? No doubt I was very happy to discover it again back in my closet. I immediately got into reading the same and completed it in one go. The poem goes like this:

“Men come, Men go
After all its true colours time must show
No Being, yes nothing is eternal
Of and in this world itself mortal
Reckon with the treasures of this world
At least something is forever
No, not fame, nor riches untold
Just the bond we share and nurture
And friendship the treasure is and for sure
Nothing else so lovely, nothing else so pure

Pondered, and now I can see
Ever loving you and will ever be
God’s blessing may you never miss
Untill the stars hang on trees”

The poem made an interesting read when I first saw it. And then my friend Toshi (who had written the poem for me) asked me to observe carefully. Thus, I read it again and paid attention this time. I saw that Toshi had written a poem out of my name. The first letter of the every line, if seen vertically forms my name. I was definitely touched by the gesture and it brought tears into my eyes (I hate to admit it though, but I am a very emotional person..:P)

The memoir book took me back to 2004. I was in my class 12th then and studied at Cotton College in Guwahati. It was our last few days in college, and all of us got busy exchanging notebook where our friends could pen down their thoughts for us. We had varied dreams, some wanted to continue in Cotton college, some wanted to join professional institutes while a majority of us wanted to go to Delhi for our further studies. And I belong to the crowd who wanted to go to Delhi. But Toshi had a strange dream. He wanted to go back to Nagaland (where he belonged too) and study again. But Toshi always was different from us. He always had a very different view about life and we always sought to him when we wanted serious advice. His perspective on life always mesmerized me. All of us in our class, knew him as the ‘serious guy’.

We gave exams, finished our 12th class and all of us took our own paths. I came to Delhi and started studying in KMC college. Today, I am in touch with a few of my class mates in cotton college. And also thanks to Facebook that I found many of my long lost friends. But nothing is known about Toshi. Did he go back to Study in Nagaland as planned, or did he go somewhere elese? Where is he now? Nothing is known to me. I tried to find him in Facebook and other social networking sites, and also asked around about him to my friends. But Nobody knows much about him. I am sure he is doing good and fine where ever he is and touching other people’s lives.

He is very good at it……!!!

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