Peoples March in Bangladesh: Voices against Corporate Grabbing

By Anu Muhammad Translated into English by Nusrat Chowdhury “We gave our votes, not our country,” a farmer from Netrokona categorically said to Mizan, a young participant of the Long March (October 28-31 2011), organized by ‘National committee to protect oil gas mineral reources port and power in Bangladesh’. While giving out fliers, Anha heardContinue reading “Peoples March in Bangladesh: Voices against Corporate Grabbing”


(Foreword: The Indian premier-Mr. Manmohan Singh recently visited Bangladesh and signed several ‘important’ agreements with the Bangladeshi government. While the media in India has been hailing it as historic visit which could improve the relations between the two countries, a few of them in Dhaka fail to agree with the one-sided agreement. A few activistsContinue reading “THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ‘AGREEMENT’”

Just Because its world photography day today…!!!

A normal person sees a storm, thinks help and runs away A photographer sees that storm, and runs the other way Off into the cold they go, the wind, the rain and more To capture pics no matter what, of all the things they saw Watching all the huge waves crashing, defiantly they stand LookingContinue reading “Just Because its world photography day today…!!!”


By Pragya Khanna Our story is a rare culmination of rare choices when it comes to love and marriage in India. At the hypothetically stable age of 25,like any regular girl, I made an existential choice- choosing a life partner. Calculations followed suit- with possibilities and consequences, resting on the individual’s commitment,friendship, commonalities in beliefsContinue reading “PROMISCUOUS TO LOVE A “NORTH EASTERN””


The Misings are the second largest tribe in Assam. The Misings have been demanding for territorial council under the Sixth Schedule of the Indian constitution. The TMPK (Takam Mising Porin Ke’bang) which literally translates into All Assam Mising Students Union has been spearheading the movement till yet. Of late, there has raising questions on theContinue reading “STUDENT ORGANISATIONS, TMPK AND POLITICS”

Silencing the Voices of Dissent: An account of the recent eviction drive and killings in Assam

Where does a poor indigenous person go when he/she is pushed out of his/her home and rendered homeless by vicious floods…..? Where does a migrant who have recently come to the city looking for better source of income go…..? Both the above mentioned class belong to the most disadvantageous groups in the social ladder. TheyContinue reading “Silencing the Voices of Dissent: An account of the recent eviction drive and killings in Assam”


Foreword: She is in her late Seventies. She comes every morning, climb the steep stairs of my house and greets me with her smile and the typical Bengali accented ‘Kaisa hai’?? I always reply with a smile…”Bhalo….Apnar Kemon’. (Just because I know that she is from west Bengal and it also gives me an opportunityContinue reading “HOW IS MY MOTHERLAND?”


To every politician, social activist, Yogi (Sadhu) who has suddenly taken the Fasting mode…. Dear Ma’am/Sir No, you do not amaze me…!!! Because I know fasting has always been used as an insidious way by many of your kind. Of course, you have termed it as fighting for the common people, fighting for democracy, bringingContinue reading “THE POLITICAL GIMMICK CALLED ‘FASTING’”

The Phulbari Movement-Resisting Neo-liberalism in Bangladesh

It was a leisurely Friday morning in Dhaka. At about 11.30 a.m., 40 odd people had gathered in front of National Press Club, Dhaka. It was raining heavily but they defied the rain and all of them stood holding hands for about half an hour. They were each holding a placard which raised the demandsContinue reading “The Phulbari Movement-Resisting Neo-liberalism in Bangladesh”


Dhemaji district is one of the remotest districts of Assam located in the far flung corner of the North-eastern part of India, which perhaps very few have ever heard of in India. And if they have, it may be because of its perennial floods which keep the district out of contact with the rest ofContinue reading “EDUCATION SHINES IN THE MOST FLOOD AFFECTED DISTRICT IN ASSAM”