Migration: The Experience of a Mising youth

“Aipemenam, Its dark here and there is no electricity in my room and I am writing to you in the candle light. I miss you a lot but cannot afford to come home and see you as I have to earn lots of money so that I can marry you and we can have aContinue reading “Migration: The Experience of a Mising youth”


Sheikh Mujibur Rehman popularly known as ‘Bangabondhu’ had just returned victorious and Bangladesh had just won it’s independence from Pakistan under the leadership of Bangabondhu. The whole of Bangladesh was in joyous mood. Even the ‘Jummas’ (the tribes of Bangladesh) were also happy but only for a few days as their happiness was short-lived. AContinue reading ““YES TO TRIBAL; NO TO INDIGENOUS””


(ABSTRACT: The states in the North-eastern part of India are known for it’s anti Indian movements. Most of them are against the forced blanket concept of Indian Nationalism and are rising against the Pan-Indian state. And again there are smaller ethnic communities who are again fighting against their own states creating a multi-layered identity movements. Here,Continue reading “THE AUTONOMY QUESTION”


Following the heat generated over the mega dam issue, Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh has convened a meeting of all ministries concerned on October 13 to ascertain the status of the hydroelectric projects in the North-east. The meeting that was earlier scheduled on October 30, was postponed because of the Ayodhya judgement that was delivered on theContinue reading “CONVENTION MEET ON NE DAMS AND A FEW QUESTIONS”

Understanding Ramadaan

It is the holy month of Ramadan. Dhaka has bloomed up and has worn a completely different picture. The roads are filled with ‘Iftaar’ shops and the other shops are offering attractive discounts. People are all gearing up for celebrations. The government has declared a month long holiday for the schools and colleges which ofContinue reading “Understanding Ramadaan”

The Tabooed Women: Understanding the role of women in Rituals among the Misings and the Deori communities of Assam

“Sure God created man before woman. But then you always make a rough draft Before the final masterpiece” –Anonymous Fact 1: There are a very few discussions on Gender. Most of the times people try to avoid it seeing it as a controversial topic. Fact 2: Most of the discussion becomes unfruitful as every participantContinue reading “The Tabooed Women: Understanding the role of women in Rituals among the Misings and the Deori communities of Assam”


Democracy is applauded as one of the best types of government primarily because it allows freedom to rebel, freedom to speak out, raise voices against the government. But today it seems to have lost one of its founding pillars. Today, practising this right to speak out is neither encouraged nor accepted. India, which claims itselfContinue reading “‘GUILTY AS FRAMED’”


Marriage, in very simple terms can be defined as social union or a contract between two individuals. There are various typologies of marriage, but my focus here shall not be on those but rather on a very interesting system of marriage which is prevalent among the Mising tribes of Assam (India). India is mostly knownContinue reading “A TRIBE IN ASSAM (INDIA) KEEPS THE ROMANCE ALIVE”